Blackbird Doughnuts

492 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

I have been craving doughnuts for forever now! But with the holidays, hours change and I kept missing the opportunity to get to Blackbird. They are open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm. This definitely was not my first time here, more like my fifth. Blackbird is a small shop but you can see employees preparing the doughnuts through a glass wall. They sell doughnuts, soft serve and doughnut ice cream sandwiches! I have a thing for "kraft" color pastry boxes and theirs are pizza boxes folded inside out, genius!

​​I first visited Blackbird in the summer and they had the two most AMAZING doughnuts: Tropical banana and my all time favorite flavor, PASSIONFRUIT! Let me tell youuuuu. First of all the tropical banana cake doughnut is soft, so moist and absolutely amazing. Made with banana and coconut milk it had a subtle banana flavor but of course fresh banana flavor, not that laffy taffy crap! And the Passionfruit raised doughnut is huge! The textures between the two are completely different but still both are so soft. The raised doughnut is like biting into a cloud. Seriously, you must try it! (when summer is back of course!) ​

Apple cider glaze, cranberry lime & marshmallow coconut doughnuts

But for now, their winter flavor for a tart like doughnut is Cranberry Lime and it is just as amazing! It has the same great combination of sweet and tart. You can even see small pieces of cranberries, so good! This visit I picked Marshmallow Coconut raised doughnut, Apple Cider cake doughnut and Cranberry Lime raised doughnut. They were all really good. The Marshmallow Coconut is raised doughnut as well so it has that great fluffy texture. The marshmallow flavor is very subtle so it doesn't overpower the coconut. The apple cider doughnut is better than those apple cider doughnuts you can get when you go apple picking (in my opinion). The glaze on the cake doughnuts kind of absorbs into the actual doughnut giving it more flavor and making it a lot more moist.

I left the rest of the doughnuts that I couldn't finish at my moms so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them all but after writing this post I'm regretting that decision.

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